Power Level Parenting


Power Level Parenting

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Parenting is hard.

There’s no tutorial, no healer, no tank. No Phoenix Down. No Potion. No teleports. No flying mounts to fast track you to the quest turn in.

Just YOU, your spawn, and the internet.

Parenting is like buying a video game, except you don’t know what the game is, what any of the controls are, and worst of all…

All the instructions you DO find, are from a game that society stopped playing 30 years ago.

Just because it worked in the original, doesn’t mean it will in the remake.

In this course you will learn:

👉 What the seven senses are and why you need to know them

👉 How to decode your child’s sensory system

👉 Play based techniques to support you and your family based on brain science

👉 Mindset tools to help you keep your cool and make better decisions

👉 Things you can fill your parenting tool box with RIGHT NOW

👉 A one on one support call to build that confidence

You’ll get an email every week for 6 weeks

The last week of this course, we’ll set up a one on one coaching call to finalize your battle plan and help your process all the information in this course!

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