Dear Kotaku, Hire me. The End.

Dear Stephen Totilo,

Nothing soothes my soul like playing through Final Fantasy VIII, honoring the fourteen year old version of me in the process. My greatest joy comes from spreading that love of gaming to others. In fact, I walked away from my corporate career to do so.

This staff writer position at Kotaku was created for me. My passion for serving people through the shared love of gaming, combined with my experience as a Geek Mom, is a perfect fit for your readers.

My writing bridges connections between video games and real world skill sets.

Whether you’re learning how to connect with your child through Minecraft, going on a Final Fantasy XIV date to save money, or interested in the newest podcasts for gamer parents, I’ve got you covered.

At Kotaku, my readers will learn ways to incorporate more of what they love into their everyday lives, along with mindset shifts to brush aside the societal shame that comes along with gaming as an adult. I even started a community, The Parenting Guild, for like-minded gaming parents!

Adulting is hard enough without the stigma of stories we’ve created for ourselves around it, which is especially true for moms in the gaming space.Growing up as a “gamer” was like having a secret identity. Something only I knew about. A secret world where the greatest stories were told.

Now, even in a society where gaming is everywhere, there is still a taboo. A shadow, if you wil. Years of stigma tangled up into stories we’ve created for ourselves as adults, that prevents us from living our best life and fully embracing our avatars.

My mission is to untangle the stigma from the stories, so adults can live their authentic lives doing the things they love most. I believe Kotaku is part of that journey.

Gaming is more than just a hobby, it’s a way of living. As necessary to self care as a hot bath and CBD oil, and my mission is for the world to join me. You can find more of my work on my personal site: and also on

Some of the headlines I’d write for Kotaku:

1. Final Fantasy and my spiritual Identity crisis

2. Mario taught my child to speak

3. It’s not me. It’s you. Gaming and relationships.

4. Frugal tips to afford the games you love

5. Family Game Night, better than movie night.

Talk to you soon!

Jenn Mac

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