Shadow Bringers is here. Monks of Darkness unite!


I am so excited.

Shadow Bringers early release happens tomorrow!!! 🤩🤩🤩

In celebration of the new expansion, let’s talk about what to expect! With all the patch notes, and the lives, I feel like we’re logging into a whole new game tomorrow.

I wonder if they planned it that way, so we wouldn’t have anything to do but watch the second Democratic debate. I kid. Anyway….

My partner and I recently made our way back to Eorzea, getting familiar with the terrain before it all changes. I noticed everyone one Twitch was finishing Stormblood last night, while my butt was working on the tail end of Heavensward. (pun intended)

Monk has always been my main. Every since the wee ol’ days on Vana’diel, My character’s appearance hasn’t changed much. Youngles is an outward expression of my inner personality. She is a representation of how I feel, especially now that she can wear Leonhart and Strife gear.

Just a couple of kiddos adventuring in Vana’diel

Just a couple of kiddos adventuring in Vana’diel

See? I’ve got proof!

Anyway let’s take a look at some of the things we can expect tomorrow! I really like this video.

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I’m curious to see what will be worth using, Fists of Wind or Fists of Fire. I feel like the add damage over time with Greased Lightning 4, combined with movement speed increase.

Doesn’t it feel like the development team is speeding up combat?

I cannot wait to get my hands on these next two expansions! I’ll be sharing my thoughts once I can get my hands back in game!

What are your thoughts on the latest changes for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn?