It is so nice to meet you! My name is Jenn French. I am a working, gaming, oiling mom. I have two children, and a thirst for knowledge in all.the.things.

Learning is my favorite hobby, (ask my husband, it is completely true) and I love sharing what I’ve learned with others. If there is something I’ve learned, that I think is useful, I want to teach it to you!

I consider myself a Progressive Christian, and try to follow the only two rules God has for us, Love Him, and Love your neighbor. I am human, and I am not perfect, but I do have a spiritual practice. In 2018 my faith journey renewed it self, and in 2019 I hope to grow in my walk with Spirit, through all my practices, and show devotion to the plan He has for me.

My word this year is Devotion. I borrowed the idea from a woman I admire greatly, Amber Lilyestrom.. She often speaks in her podcast, The Amber Lilyestrom show, about replacing the word discipline with devotion. (That’s just one of her amazing life gems!)

This is my year to show devotion to my God, myself, my family, my work, my mission, and be more present and productive in each area. I want to create space in my life to build on my passions, and create a life I want to live, instead of the life I have to live.

What are you showing more devotion to this year?

I am excited to start this journey.

Thank you for joining me.